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Warren McGraw and Knowles Supports Laurel House

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Firm News

Warren McGraw and Knowles is proud to announce that we supported Laurel House in its recent fundraising event:  “Breaking the Silence – an Afternoon of Resilience, Hope, and Healing.”  Laurel House is an organization that tries to prevent and stop domestic violence and serves to protect those in need. Laurel House provides counseling, shelter, advocacy services, and more. This educational and impactful event featured speakers and panelists who were experts and advocates, as well as survivors.

In accord with our mission to protect those in need, we were pleased that a valued member of our staff, Laura Focht, shared her voice at the event by singing a song co-written by her mother Bonnie Warren, an accomplished songwriter. The performance was well received by the large audience at the fundraiser. In her position at our firm, Laura is a compassionate ear to clients who have been injured and disabled in accidents, as a result of poor medical treatment, or at work. She learns how clients’ unfortunate circumstances affect their lives in various and important ways, and is quite adept at communicating this information in the documents she prepares for insurers, adjusters, and opposing counsel.

Laura is also a skilled vocalist with vast experience singing in live shows as well as in recording studios. At the fundraiser, she sang the original song “JUST A WHISPER” (written by Bonnie Warren, Liz Miller, and Suzanne Gorman) accompanied by Bonnie Warren on guitar. In recognition of how difficult it is for victims to tell their stories and seek justice, this song was written to empower these individuals to speak out and encourage them to heal. Help can be just a “whisper” away. Laura took great pride in being, quite literally, “a voice for those who feel unheard, so that they know they’re not alone.”  Many in the audience were so moved by the song and her performance, that Laura has been invited to also perform this particular piece at an event sponsored by the Montgomery County Bar Association in late October.  The powerful lyrics of “JUST A WHISPER” are written below.

JUST A WHISPER (© Warren/Miller/Gorman)

You can hold on to a secret, til it burns inside your chest

You may think you’re keeping quiet, but the truth won’t let you rest

When denial starts to feel like  the world is closing in

Time to find a way to begin again.


Just a whisper can move a mountain

Don’t give up, keep reaching out

Just one word now, can make a difference

Don’t keep it to yourself

Find somebody to tell, even with just a whisper

Scared no one’ll believe you – cuz they’ll think it’s a lie,

Remember truth can bring on pain, but it will rise and survive

You may see your story in a stranger’s eyes

Take it as a sign, one breath at a time

Chorus: repeat

Bridge: Don’t be afraid, you have something to say, we hear you, and we’re here for you

Chorus: repeat