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How Do I File A Worker’s Comp Claim In Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Workers Compensation

When you are injured on the job, it can be devastating. In addition to trying to recover from a painful injury, you may have hospital bills that continue to add up.

Sometimes employers do not have the information they need to help you with a worker’s compensation claim. In other cases, your employer may not understand the support they should provide when you have an injury at work.

Here’s what you should know about filing a worker’s compensation claim in Pennsylvania.

First Things First

Regardless of the seriousness of your injury, there are two things you should do right away: tell your employer and seek medical care. In some cases, your employer may have a list of approved physicians.

You should talk to your employer about your injury and find out if you need to see a specific doctor for your care. Keep in mind that if you do not like the options your employer provides, you may be able to choose a different physician after a certain period (typically, 90 days).

While you may not feel the need to seek medical care immediately, it is still important to talk to a doctor about your injury. In some cases, your injury could be worse than you thought. Also, receiving medical care can help you establish the timeline of your injury.

Getting Legal Support

Your employer will likely have workers’ compensation insurance that covers the cost of lost wages, medical care and other expenses. However, the process often comes with complex paperwork, and you could face denial of your claim.

When you have an injury at work, it is essential to have an advocate who can help you with the process. In addition to having support while you focus on getting better, a skilled professional can help you if your claim is denied.