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Can You Receive Compensation For Injuries In A Rideshare Accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Car Accidents

There are many opportunities to use a rideshare to get from here to there. They can be economical and helpful when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

In addition to their usefulness, you also count on your rideshare driver to be safe. However, it helps to know you will have support for your injuries when an accident happens.

Here’s what you should know about getting compensation after experiencing injuries from a rideshare accident.

Unfamiliar Territory

When you are driving your own vehicle, and you are in an accident with another person driving their own vehicle, the equation can be reasonably simple. While there may be some debate over who was at fault, you and the other driver have a reasonable idea of what is supposed to happen.

When you are riding in the vehicle of someone you hired through an app, the equation becomes more complex. Now, both the rideshare company and the driver have some responsibility for the accident.

Often, the blend of responsibility between the rideshare company and the driver is where you may start to feel frustrated.

Understanding Fault And Insurance

Similar to an accident between two private parties, one of the first steps in receiving compensation will be determining fault. If the person driving the rideshare vehicle is at fault, you will likely need to make a claim through the rideshare company.

In many cases, rideshare businesses require drivers to carry a certain amount of insurance and supplement the rest. Often, these cases can become complex since you may not know which party to pursue compensation for your injuries.

Facing an injury after an accident in a rideshare vehicle can be frustrating and difficult. You should seek a knowledgeable professional about your situation.