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What Are The Most Dangerous Roads In Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Car Accidents

Even if you are a safe driver, getting from here to there on Pennsylvania roadways can feel like a dangerous journey. When it is time to drive into Philadelphia, you may feel even more nervous about safely getting to and from your destination.

Many factors can make one road more dangerous than the others. While some roads are plagued by confusing construction, others have blind corners and tricky transitions.

These are some of the most dangerous roads in Pennsylvania and what makes them prone to problems.

I-81 American Legion Memorial Highway

With over 200 miles of road, I-81 has plenty of room for potential problems. However, it tends to be a 20-mile stretch south of Harrisburg that holds most of the danger. There tends to be regular congestion, high-speed merges and an abundance of tractor-trailers.

During a three-year study of summer traffic, there were 28 fatalities, making I-81 the most dangerous road in Pennsylvania.

US-30 Lincoln Highway

Quite different from I-81, Lincoln Highway is not a busy thoroughfare. Rather, the dangers from this unsuspecting two-lane highway running through farmland are due to high speeds and long stretches without traffic lights.

Instead of accidents from congestion, the fatalities on US-30 tend to be from drivers who lose their focus and miss crossing traffic.

How Can I Prevent An Accident?

The first step to preventing an accident is being aware of the danger. When traveling on these roads, make an extra effort to reduce distractions in the vehicle. You may need to pause conversations with your passengers until you get to a less-dangerous roadway.

Also, be aware of the vehicles around you and give (and yourself) them plenty of space. Often, accidents happen because there is not enough time to react to a change in circumstances. When you leave more distance between you and other motorists, you give everyone more time to respond to an emergency.

Even though you may be practicing safe driving, others may not. If you are seriously injured in an accident due to another’s negligence, it is essential to talk to a skilled legal professional about your case.