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Which industries see the most workers’ comp cases?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2021 | Workers Compensation

No one counts on going to work and getting injured. Even when employers and workers focus on safety, injuries can happen. Some jobs are just dangerous in nature.

These industry groups see the most claims.

Two industries take the top

According to the annual report issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, the industries with the most work-related injuries are as follows:

  • Trade, Transportation & Utilities (carpenters, construction workers, drivers, electricians, car mechanics, linemen, etc.)
  • Education & Health Services (teachers, nurses, medical techs, nurses, aides, etc.)

While both industry groups saw a decrease in injuries in 2020, education and health services saw an increase in deaths going from four in 2019 to 12 in 2020.

What types of injury are most common?

According to the same report, the most common injuries are “sprains and strains.” But, in our experience, insurance companies train employers and their staff to describe injuries in the most limited way they can. If you think your injury has been improperly described, or you are being denied care for an injury that has not been accepted, you should talk with a workers’ compensation lawyer.

What is included in a claim?

Workers’ compensation will help support you after you have an injury at work. A workers’ comp claim will cover:

  • Lost wages due to lost time from work
  • Your dependents’ loss of your support in the event of accidental death
  • Scheduled loss (specific loss) (such as a permanent loss of use or amputation of a body part)
  • Medical bills for the care you need to treat your work injury

But, a workers’ compensation claim will not cover:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Your employee benefits, like health insurance

No matter what industry you are in, injuries happen. Facing an injury at work can be stressful and raise many questions. It is important to talk to an experienced professional about your case to make sure you and your rights are being protected.

Most workers’ compensation lawyers, including the lawyers at Warren, McGraw & Knowles, LLC, provide free consultations. As the old saying goes, the only bad question is the one that was never asked.

Keep in mind that there are time limitations, so it is essential to act quickly.